WePro Basketball

The main objective of our WePro Basketball training programme is to complement your training as a player, multiplying your performance and helping you to improve as a whole.

We provide you with tools, guidelines and dynamics using the latest technologies.

You will work with top level coaches, both from professional and youth top teams, all of them used to working in the most demanding environments, where what brings them closer is the concern for the development and training of our players, in all areas.

You will work under a clear methodology developed by WePro, where innovation and creativity play a very important role.

We accompany you with passion in your goals and dreams. We focus on you, player, you are the protagonist of this story.

We are much more than a basketball camp. We invite you to live this unique experience.

The WePro Team

WePro Methodology

WePro Basketball Camp

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Camp Goals

To bring the day-to-day life of professional basketball closer to young people.
Transmit fundamental values to learn to enjoy basketball as a way of life.
Encourage healthy habits that they can extrapolate to their daily lives.
To make them responsible for the level of involvement and commitment to their personal objectives.
Create awareness and help them to be consistent with their goals.
To provide a real individual improvement in their technical&tactical, physical and mental knowledge.

and enjoy.


Essential requirements to participate in the campus according to the specificity of the work to be carried out:

High technical-tactical base (taking into account the age)
Work ethic
Self-demanding and self-sacrifice
The maximum number of registrations will be 48 and after applying for registration a selection of participants will be made.